Our Focus & Intention

Hello and welcome to The Compass, The Coaching Community of InnerVision Wellness LLC.  First, you should know that this is a one-woman-show, so when I say "our focus" I mean you and me, and that of the community we're building here.

My purpose at InnerVision Wellness is to help you find your way...  The compass is a perfect tool to assist us in this endeavor.

Whatever your way is - wellness coaching, recreation therapy, improving relationships through communication, building self-confidence through self-discovery, learning about your core values or personality type... It's all about you and what makes you thrive and flourish.

I incorporate elements such as learning how to be in the present moment, gaining self-awareness, setting boundaries, learning about infinite potential, and understanding what positively and negatively influences our energy.  I like to help you explore behaviors you wish to eliminate by discussing ideas like our ego and shadow side.

I'm glad you're here. If you have question, please reach out via the Contact link.  You may also want to sign up for emails about The Compass, wellbeing information and to receive blog notifications.


Offering 1:1 wellness  coaching for both members and non-members. Group coaching for members of the Expansion Coaching Membership program

Wellbeing support

Assisting you with setting and reaching your personal wellness goals and providing content on a variety of wellbeing topics.

Spiritual focus

My spiritual transition helps to support your spiritual transition to a more fully awakened energy experience. 


Using free tools available on the web, learn about your character values, personality type and more. I can help you understand your results and how they impact your day-to-day life.


Members have the opportunity to build community by interacting with others directly within The Compass. 


You have goals, crave change, want answers, are looking for purpose and meaning.  If you're ready to dive into self-discovery (or even just wade into the shallow end), this is the place for you.

InnerVision Wellness LLC & Me

I'm Tracy J Frenyea, owner of InnerVision Wellness LLC, located in central New York near the Finger Lakes Region. As founder and coach, I strive to provide quality content that has a positive effect on any number of wellness domains.

I create and provide coaching services and lessons that infuse elements of my education in psychology, counseling, and therapeutic recreation, as well as certification in wellness coaching - combined with a nearly 20 year career in higher education.
I experienced a spiritual awakening a few years ago and continue on my way to becoming whole and seeking wisdom along the way. Elements of spirituality is interwoven my my coaching and teaching. I often speak about creating a powerful vision for one's life, mindfulness, being present, meditation, and practicing the pause. I value honest communication, an open minded approach, a willingness to learn, and an eagerness to grow through self-discovery.

Will you join me on my way as I help you along yours?